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The Youth

SILVERSEVEN® hosts events in various colleges around the world and provides coaching in the area of entrepreneurship and more! 

Finding Inspiration in every turn

The catalytic force. The leaders of tomorrow

What Sets Us Apart

"Young people are lazy and too focused on their screens,” is one of the most common stereotypes that we hear. It is inspiring to see young individuals from different walks of life, cultures, and identities coming together with a dedication to build the tomorrow.

SILVERSEVEN® works with aspiring entrepreneurs to build their venture from the ground up, motivating and empowering youth to transform their social impact ideas into actionable projects.

Youth, given the opportunity, alongside adults can lead activist communities and organizations. Around the world, we are seeing children and youth engage as social, political, and economic players, demonstrating their capacity to help make positive social change. Adults make a lot of assumptions about children and what they're capable of, and those assumptions are often quite false. An important part of social reform is breaking youth from trends that have been started and are acting as a decline in society, as they are the future of society.

Our Collaborations