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The SILVERSEVEN® Venture Fund catalyzes on investing in next generation projects and ventures that have the potential to create positive impact on humanity. A diverse portfolio of social enterprise investments in various industries.

The Future of Impact Investing

A certain percentage of profits earned by each of our ventures goes towards promoting and tackling various social causes.


Choose your investment strategy within the SILVERSEVEN® Cluster consisting of self-started ventures and partner ventures, we offer a range industries to invest in. 


Our collective goal on impacting 3 Billion Lives. 

Global Impact

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Our Products

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are passionate about the positive impact that our investments can have on the world. We strive to create value not only for our investors, but also for the communities in which we invest.

The focus is on developing solutions that not only deliver strong returns to our investors but also bring positive changes in the world.

Investing in next-generation ideas in various industries. Founders who are passionate about what they do.

Venture Capital

Acquiring conventional ventures and transforming them to SILVERSEVEN aligned ventures for impact.

Private Equity

Providing the necessary tools for founders to catalyze on their dreams.

Incubation /  Venture Building

Our team works with each investor to understand their individual goals and objectives before developing a tailored strategy that meets their needs.

Customized For Each Investor