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To Improve. To Enhance. To Enrich.

An initiative to reduce textile waste and make communities self-reliant created by Enactus at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, supported by SILVERSEVEN®.

Regenerating today for a kinder tomorrow

We, at Enactus VIPS, promote sustainability not because it is out of the ordinary but because it is an integral part of our society.


India is solely responsible to produce 1 million tons out of the 13 million textile waste annually produced. The process of textile making is known to be one of the most labour-intensive profiles, which requires innumerable working hours with the input of gallons of water and electricity. Since Katran is small pieces dozed off from the main fabric, it is wrongly named as a “waste.” Even though katran is capable of satiating the needs of fabricating new merchandise, it is empty-headed dumped away which impedes its capacity to be used again in totality.

Through Project Tahsin, at Enactus VIPS we harness the umpteen potential of this unused textile waste or Katran to create a culture of sustainable fashion. Apart from rendering hope to our blue-flecked green planet, this project attempts to create a community of skilled workers-cum-entrepreneurs with diverse motivations.

The expected project outcomes include a reduction in gender-based inequalities in terms of opportunities and income and equip the women engaged in the project with a befitting toolkit of skills by using innovative pedagogies to train them in fields like marketing and sales while substantially reducing the havoc-wreaking implications of the Pandemic on the families of the project by blending financial succour with emotional assistance.

- Enactus, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

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