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Switching to Natural Cosmetics

Using natural cosmetics has its benefits: it’s cruelty-free, has fewer harmful ingredients and generally, it’s much safer to use. However, switching to all natural cosmetics can be a bit difficult since they sometimes cost more and are a bit more difficult to find than regular drugstore brands. So here are the best ways to have a smooth and effortless transition to natural cosmetics:

1. Know what you need

Before you decide to spend money on various products, be sure to know what you really need. Is it a facial serum or an eye cream? What type of cleansers do you prefer: water-based or oil-based? All of these are extremely important when you go on looking for natural cosmetics. Also, make sure to learn more about your skin and hair so you’ll be able to find the right products that will actually be effective. A lot of people buy everything that vaguely promises extraordinary results, and that often leads to disappointment. The reason is, they usually don’t know their needs that well, and their shopping is motivated by impulsive decision-making. Take your time, learn about different products and their uses so you’ll know what to look for.

2. Don’t expect the impossible

Using products that are natural may not have the same effects since natural ingredients might take some time to work, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. If you want to buy a certain serum or a cream, check reviews beforehand so you’ll know whether it really works. Most importantly, don’t expect the miracles overnight, since they’re usually free of silicones, preservatives, and other ingredients that tend to speed up the results. Still, using organic and natural brands means more benefits for your skin and the environment, so be persistent and soon you’ll see the results!

3. Get ready for the transition period

Since many organic and natural brands are free from harmful preservatives, their immediate effects aren’t as strong as when using commercial brands. It might take some time to get used to natural deodorants, and you’ll likely have to endure more sweat and odour during the transition period, but be determined and don’t give up. The same goes for using any other natural product — chances are you’ll have to put up with some bad stuff before you start reaping all the benefits. Don’t be afraid, all of these are part of the transition period, so patience is the key!

4. Start small

Going natural doesn’t mean you have to replace all the products on your shelf with those that are labelled natural and organic. Instead, try going slow at first so you’ll be able to get used to your new routine. Start with one or two products and see how it goes. If you’re new to all this, start by learning the ingredients and their uses, and also, get an app that can analyze the ingredients and break them down by the level of toxicity. That way you’ll become more aware of what you’re using on your hair, face, and body. Remember to give yourself enough time to learn and don’t be too hard on yourself if you sometimes end up using something that’s less natural.


Switching to natural cosmetics doesn’t have to be hard, but you should definitely do things on your own terms. Find a natural and/or organic brand that you like and trust and stick to their products if they work for you. Save money so you’ll be able to afford pricier and more quality products and try not to stress too much. Keep in mind that finding the right products may take some time, and be appreciative and happy when that happens.

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