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Music as a Tool to create Positive Impact

When we are suffering, sometimes it feels best to be alone. We have friends and loved ones around us, and we can reach out to them at any time, but we’d rather just be alone with our thoughts, away from distractions, connecting to ourselves in the quiet.

Music can help us immeasurably during this time. It’s an understanding force, and there’s something about its wordlessness that helps us to see our reflection in its mirror without our having to explain anything. We can just be there — listening or playing music. Music matches our mood, or it can help us change it too— it’s as we wish since we choose its purpose.

Music’s ability to change our mood in the direction we want, to understand and comfort us, to soothe or stimulate us in whatever way we need, is powerful and life-enhancing.

Music’s understanding begins where words leave off

Music seems to understand our emotions as it communicates directly with us. When words leave off, music begins wrote the German poet Heinrich Heine describing how music enters and fills the realm where words can’t quite thrive or describe.

Music finds its way to commiserate with us. Sometimes we want to remain in our melancholic state. Music doesn’t ask us to change this but sits with us there. This can be of untold comfort to anyone who is struggling with the challenges of life — with frustrations, anxiety, depression, yearning, or sadness of any kind.

Inspiring a more positive state through music

Sometimes music can inspire us and help us to go into another more positive state. Music can give us energy and joy when we need it. It can shake us out of a mood that we don’t wish to have. It can help us achieve the opposites of what we really feel — when we’re nervous, it can calm us, when we’re tired it can invigorate us, and when we are disconnected it can inspire us once again.

We connect to people through the music, the people who created the music or are performing — we sing their songs, hum their melodies, and don’t feel alone anymore.

How does music impact our brain and mood?

The influence that music has on us is becoming better understood through neuroscience and the study of music’s impact on our brains. Through the study of the brain, it has become understood that almost all parts of the brain are used simultaneously when we listen to music or perform it.

One thing that music can do is affect our mood. Sometimes it can shake us out of a mood that we don’t wish to have. But sometimes we just want to match how we are feeling at that moment. That matching is therapeutic because it connects us more deeply to the emotions and moods we are experiencing.


Music reaches us emotionally, reminds and connects us to ourselves. We know that experiencing music’s beauty, rhythm and harmony powerfully impacts the quality of how we feel. Music can be such an important therapeutic power in so many ways.

When you are seeking understanding of yourself, or your situation, or are looking to be understood in a moment — put on some music or pick up an instrument, and you will connect to yourself, find healing and have comfort. You will experience the therapeutic power of music in your life.

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