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In Search of God?

Have you ever been in the search for God? What is God like? Where have we originated from? Spirituality has a range of meanings, but most often it typically involves a search for God. Some may believe that God is formless or is simply a light. Others may consider nature as God. Many believe that there is a creator or the highest power. Around five thousand years ago there was no religion or any other religious community. There were no Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. The only religion was Mankind. Everyone had one religion, Mankind.

As time went on, we developed differences amongst ourselves. Have you ever wondered why do we have so many religions? If our father is the creator, then wouldn’t he be the same for all of us? Yet some believe Jesus is their God, others believe Allah is their God. We souls were created by the same father, yet our beliefs are varied. Why is this so?

As Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, the only complete guru (Jagatguru) of today’s time says, our race is living being, humanity is our religion, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian there is no separate religion. By giving evidence from various scriptures from different religions, he has proved that God has a form like that of a human being and that where we originated from is somewhere else named Satlok. Since time immemorial, man is involved in the search of supreme peace, happiness and immortality. But we have all forgotten the kind and happiness giving Supreme God, the creator. Who in this period of time (yug) has come with the name Kabir.

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