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Venture Building

Building the next generation ventures.



Ventures that are categorized as SILVERSEVEN® Ventures, we have a majority holding in the venture and are classified as in-house built ventures.


Ventures we start with our clients are categorized as SILVERSEVEN® Alliance ventures.

Management Services

Providing management services to start-ups and organizations who are seeking to excel their business and leave a positive impact.

3 Billion people by 2025, what's your contribution?

Let's Begin

Student Packages

Specially designed packages to start a new venture from scratch or build upon an idea.

Founder's Club

The founder's club gives access to the SILVERSEVEN® Knowledge base (Coming Soon) as well as preferential rates to The Tour


Please contact us if you would contribute towards SILVERSEVEN®'s venture fund.

Our portfolio

At SILVERSEVEN®, we invest in companies with strong ideas and a clear plan for success. Browse our portfolio to learn more about our past investments and to see some of the companies we’re currently building.

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