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For A Brighter Future.

The Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Venture Builder

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SILVERSEVEN® is a global venture builder, management and social impact firm. We aim to create a positive impact using our ventures. Positively impacting the lives of 3 billion people by 2025 is our aim.


Our aim is to start multiple ventures and invest in companies that have sustainability implemented at their core, that can drive transformation in societies using their everyday business propositions alongside help facilitate this phenomenon into a industry wide accepted way of doing business. Where such practices not only become the right thing to do but are also a more profitable option. A movement you may call it.

Going Beyond

True Innovation begins with re-imagining products at the very core. True innovation happens when we try to improve something by 10x rather than 10%. Our firm seeks to advance various industries, with a focus on technology that is ahead of it’s time.

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We aim to empower individuals to create positive impact.

The SILVERSEVEN® group of companies are at the forefront of a disruptive change in mindsets and leadership. A global firm present in multiple industries, it aims to accelerate and create lasting positive impact in various disciplines, while helping facilitate a transition to a sustainable economy.

​SILVERSEVEN® is a diverse company with ventures that have a transformative impact

Want to build a venture with us?

Join us and contribute towards positively impacting 3 billion lives by 2025.

“The Only Impossible Journey Is One That Never Begins.”
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